Introduction to YEPIC AI's API

👋🏻 Welcome to the future of innovation!

Thank you for taking the time to explore the Yepic AI API. We’re excited about the future of video generation and look forward to working with you as a trusted partner.

This Guide should be read with the API Reference, which provides further information regarding the parameters and limitations available via Yepic API endpoints.


Yepic AI API provides a scalable infrastructure for Generative AI video creation, automation, and processing. This Guide demonstrates how developers can interact with the API and includes examples.

Yepic AI API makes video production faster and cheaper, requiring virtually no video or audio production expertise. The Yepic AI API can be integrated into any 3rd party video creator or suite, while video templates can be used with dynamic content for personalisation at scale.

Developers use Yepic AI API to easily integrate text-to-video and AI avatars into their video products and workflows to either automate production for distribution or allow end users without audio expertise to create high-quality audio.

Creators, leading marketing agencies, production companies, and social media platforms around the globe use our technology. Join us on our mission to connect the world through shared language.

API First

We spent much of 2022 rebuilding our tech stack from the bottom up to be truly API-first. As a leader in Generative AI, we have a growing capability. We continuously release exciting new products and features to provide you with text-to-video, digital avatar presenters, and innovative new video communication technologies.

  • Chat GP-Me - A chatbot like no other. Select different avatars (including your own), voices, styles (video loops), and engines, all in near real-time. (Coming soon)
  • Studio Express - As we work towards real-time, our API's Studio Express now renders the video in a 1-5 ratio. 10s of video currently takes 2s to generate, and we’re getting faster. 🤫 [This is a paid-only service]
  • Talking Photos - Create your digital avatar from a photo. Our 2nd generation's avatars are fast, free, and take less than a minute to create.
  • Translation Services - Create your videos with actors who speak over 70 languages and 110 dialects.
  • SDK - coming soon. Please bear with us. We’re working on it.


Yepic AI API is built with security and scale in mind. Strong encryption, authentication & authorisation, and backend infrastructure combine to support you in safely scaling your business.