List of Soundtracks

AssetId Genre Description Sample
3am electronic Starts off soft and then builds up to a chilled, jazzy vibe that eminates relaxation.
acousticstrings A template for testing elastic audio
articles electronic A calm and focused news template which would compliment creative stories.
breakingnews electronic The familiar interlude for the breaking news: looming, intense with a cliffhanger feeling.
bullmarket acoustic A template for testing elastic audio
cityechoes electronic A minimalistic and versatile template which effortlessly lift any mood.
citynights electronic Downtempo with bass elements, takes you out to a New York city night. High Street ambience adds a lively element.
closermoment electronic Piano and bass elements, help you focus and prepare you for the day ahead.
copacabana acoustic
curtaincall acoustic An energetic jingle with an easy going, melodic tune.
deepsea electronic Lively uptempo EDM melody, perfect to boost your energy.
driftingoff acoustic A relaxing guitar player on a sunny coast. Crashing waves in the background.
electronic A template for testing elastic audio
emptyfaces electronic Its almost impossible not to dance along to this positive and uplifting track.
fairytale acoustic
familiarmemories atmospheric Relaxing, mellow tunes with a hint of nostalgia.All the moments that are close to your heart
fargalaxy abstract Abstract, dystopian textures with some sci-fi effects. Transports you to a Galaxy far, far away.
fashionova electronic This subtle yet classy track is extremely versatile and would be wellsuited to a variety of uses.
feelinggood acoustic If you are feeling good, make sure you show it! This colorful template does exactly that.
feellikedancing acoustic This track is energetic, uplifting and cheery, almost making you feel like dancing.
fuzzboy electronic This powerful and upbeat track promotes action and urges the listener to get up and go.
geneticcode atmospheric A scientific dystopian synthetic melody, reflective and pensive
glassymystery abstract Suspenseful and intriguing, with chimey sounds and wacky elements.
gogogone acoustic For all the times that you need a tune to reflect, and look back into fleeting memories of good times.
groovyevening electronic From the instrumentals to the vocal elements, this track screams funky attitude.
gymfocus atmospheric This track is an adrenaline booster, and will surely hype you up.
happyspirits acoustic Create an instant upbeat mood which denotes classic and trustworthy vibes.
hautecuisine acoustic Eat, drink, and be merry:this is exactly the feeling you get from this melodic, all round happy tune.
havana electronic Instantly transport your listeners to a tropical island with this up-tempo relaxing track.
headlines electronic What make the news headlines today? Find out with this intense and informative template.
heartfelt acoustic Serious and sincere, this track is ideal for deep news stories that touch hearts.
heatwave electronic Uptempo soulful house, made to make you move and sweat.
hotwheels rock A hard guitar riff with an action theme, guaranteed to pump you up with excitement!
hourglass atmospheric Melodic guitar surrounded by a relaxing water sound effect.
house A template for testing elastic audio
idlebach electronic Reflective and dramatic in a smooth, yet subtle, way.
jakarta electronic This fun and upbeat track radiates positivity and good vibes all round.
kicks electronic A deep, mood and intriguing atmosphere that leaves listeners wanting to know more.
lifestylepodcast A template for testing elastic audio
loadingnextphase electronic Uptempo house track full of energy. Guaranteed to keep you on edge.
lofi A template for testing elastic audio
magicbells acoustic
melancholia electronic From its meloncholic start, to its upbeat ending, this track tells a story.
newhorizons electronic An easy going, melodic happy track.
nighthaze electronic Ambient and atmospheric with a futuristic and melodic beat.
openup acoustic An acoustic piano track, perfect for reflective moments.
paparazzi electronic Share inspiring news with this positive and upbeat track.
parisianmorning acoustic Croissants, a hot coffee and Parisian elegance. This jazzy piano vibe is all you need.
partlysunny electronic An ambient and intriguing mood for reflecting on recent events.
peakgroove electronic Electronic, with an uptempo balearic element, travels you to a cool destination.
pulse acoustic A positive and uplifting track that inspires smiles all round and new changes ahead.
quarterback acoustic Leave a lasting impression with this powerful and intense news track.
runwayrhythm electronic Powerful and inspiring, yet subtle, making it verstaile for a variety of different uses.
smokymirrors acoustic An acoustic jazzy track, with a catchy melody.
summerlove electronic Carefree and pumped up, this track is guaranteed to take you back to the best summers of your life!
sundaymorning acoustic Easy, like a Sunday Morning. Melodic electric guitar, with some bird sounds.
sunnyday acoustic
sunsetbeachcafe acoustic Waves crashing on the rocks, seagulls in the distance, and a meditational sound. Transpires the holiday relaxation feeling.
tomorrowisfriday electronic Is it Friday yet? Even if it is not, this positive, melodic mid-tempo electronic track will lift your mood to a happy, lively place.
triggerhappy acoustic The feeling of walking down the street, whistling your cares and worries away, all condensed in one track.
uptownsummer electronic With its beachy vibes, this positive track is the catchy tune of the season.
ventureout acoustic Suspenseful and mysterious, with an impending cliffhanger.
whatstillremains acoustic Melodic, nostalgic guitar track, perfect for relaxation.
workinprogress acoustic A cheery template with positive vibes, can set the tone for a promising day ahead.
workitout electronic
worldleaders acoustic This melodic track is dramatic enough to enhance any news story.

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