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Our standard rate limit is 30 video requests per minute if you require more within 10 seconds.

AI avatars are 3D render that provides slightly higher quality through larger file sizes. Talking Photos, on the other hand, are 2D and smaller.

We place all new customers on our Test Branch during their free trial to test and build their video app or workflow. Video rendering speeds and latency with all-new customer.

Please get in touch with Yepic support and let us know your requirement. We'll do our best to source them for you. We have relationships with voice providers all around the world.

Yepic API has integrated with 10's voice providers in multiple languages. All you need is an API key and voice ID.

We can't give everyone extra credits, but we regularly host competitions throughout the year with our partners. Join our community on Discord and keep an eye out for credits and other prizes.

Both are awesome.

Yepic Studio allows you to create professional videos without professional expertise in minutes, everything is editable. Yepic API gives a seamless integration for AI avatars and video presenters to scale videos to anyone, anywhere.

A photo is what it says a real picture of someone. Avatar is an animated photo made with advanced technology to make it different and more expressive.

Absolutely. Create an exclusive avatar representing you or your company as you build your online brand.

Yes! We love customer feedback and want you to be part of it too. Please contact us here.

We offer 3 payment models:

1) Standard, for professional video production.

2) Plus, for advanced video features.

3) Premium, for API personalisation.

Please visit here for details.

Yes you can. Downgrade at any time to our free Starter Plan.