Introduction to Yepic API

This page will help you get started with Yepic AI's API. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


Yepic API provides a scalable infrastructure for AI-driven synthetic video creation, automation and processing. This Guide demonstrates how developers can interact with the API and includes examples.

Yepic API makes video production faster, cheaper, and requires virtually no video or audio production expertise. The Yepic API can be integrated into any 3rd party video creator or suite, whilst video templates can be used with dynamic content for personalisation at scale.

Developers use Yepic API to easily integrate text-to-video and AI avatars into their video products and workflows, to either automate video production for distribution, or allow end users without audio expertise to create high-quality audio.


The key features of Yepic API include

6 Avatars and 60+ Talking Photos
450+ voices and 65+ languages
50+ sound effects and 100+ soundtracks
Images, Text, Videos and Shapes
Multiple Slides with Transitions
Automatic Audio Mastering (speech, sound effects and soundtracks)
Video generation
Personalization of content
Asset management (coming soon)


Yepic API is built with security and scale in mind. Strong encryption, authentication & authorisation and backend infrastructure combine to support you safely scale your business.

Next Steps

Contact the Yepic API team via email [email protected] to get an API key!
Follow our Quickstart guide to make your first video!
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